Boots, Lace - Zhik

Boots, Lace - Zhik:  2mm Neoprene high cut lightweight race boot designed to provide ultimate feel and control. LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION WITH SOFT TOE Designed to provide ultimate feel and control, Zhik's unique soft toe construction increases dexterity allowing you to stay in touch with the dynamics of the boat. ZHIKGRIP ZhikGrip hiking system incorporated into the rubber upper gives improved grip and connectivness with Zhik Hiking straps. ZHIK CUSTOM SOLE High grip compound with Zhik custom tread. SIDE LACE SYSTEM Patented lace system gives ultra snug fit for maximum comfort and control. New extra wide gusset facilitates easy entry. SUPPORTIVE UPPER CONSTRUCTION Engineered to provide maximum support for your foot, 50mm ankle strap takes the load for hiking sailors.


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