370 Sailing Dinghy

370 Sailing Dinghy:  The 370 is styled as a traditional clinker built dinghy for sailing. The un-stayed mast is in two sections which when dismantled, will sit inside the boat. The boat can be prepared for sailing in about 15 minutes. 370 is ideal for families or yachting organizations wanting a robust economic vessel. This sailing dinghy is ideal for summer camps, sailing schools and outdoor pursuit’s centres. The Sir Peter Blake Marine Educational Centre has operated these boats for 17 years with 1200 children and adults a year using them which is a real testament for value and durability. Standard Features: Drain Bung - Nautilex Covered Seat (1) - Foam - Towing Eye - Outboard Bracket - Rowlock Plates (1 pair) - Anchor Cleat - Anchor locker - Removable Centre-Board Seal & Foot Bracing - Colours: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, white. Length: 3.7 m, External Beam: 1.5 m, Rating: 2 - 6 hp, Hull Weight: 138 kg, Freeboard: 460 mm, Capacity: Up to 6 persons, Warranty: 5 years


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